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Bodybuilder risks his health to drink breast milk bought online

Breast milk is packed with good stuff: protein, vitamins and minerals, amino acids, white cells and enzymes. It’s considered by many health professionals and experts to be the best source of nutrition for a new baby. But what about for a 30-something bodybuilder?

Yes, that’s right. Personal trainer and fitness fanatic Danny Davidson from Essex supplements his diet with 100 millilitres of breast milk several times a week and credits it with improving his performance.

“I’ve noticed a difference since I started drinking breast milk,” he told Huffington Post. “I feel a lot stronger and a lot bigger.”

Danny and his wife Debbie don’t yet have kids — in case you’re feeling sorry for the woman hooked up to a breast pump 24/7. So 32-year-old Danny has to go elsewhere for his breast milk, buying it online from strangers all over the world. Ultimately this puts him at risk of catching serious infections, including hepatitis and HIV, but he doesn’t let this stand in the way of his fitness goals.

“I’m very aware it can be dangerous but I don’t screen it and I just take a chance,” he admitted, revealing that since starting his breast milk habit five years ago his chest has grown from a size medium to XXL.

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Danny and Debbie have been married for three years and Debbie has resigned herself to her husband’s bizarre regime.

“When he first told me he was going to drink breast milk I thought he was joking,” she said. “It grosses me out because it looks a bit thick, I thought it would be more runny than that. But I don’t really pay attention to it now, I’m used to it.”

She’s even willing to provide Danny with an at-home supply of breast milk when the couple have a baby saying, “I’d rather him drink my own, at least then I know it’s clean and safe. But only after the baby has had enough. The baby comes first not him.”

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The risks of drinking breast milk ordered from an unknown online source were made explicit in June when the Royal Society of Medicine warned that the lack of pasteurisation and testing exposes consumers to bacteria and could also bring them into contact with dangerous diseases.

However it seems that the apparent pros outweigh the cons for Danny, who even puts up with being called “Bitty” by family members after David Walliams’ Little Britain character who still drinks his mother’s breast milk at the age of 25.

There’s definitely something icky about a grown man drinking breast milk — but each to their own. However to knowingly put your health at risk just to add a couple of inches to the size of your pecs is downright daft.

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