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11 Adorable photos of Tonkey, the Shar-Pei puppy who looks like a teddy bear

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves, because your hearts are about to melt into a puddle. Meet Tonkey, an adorable and cuddly 4-month-old bear-coat Shar-Pei puppy who is breaking the internet with her pinch-worthy cheeks and piercing eyes. If you’re looking for the origin of the term “puppy dog eyes,” I think we’ve found the culprit.

Tonkey has become quite the social media sensation, garnering more than 160,000 Instagram followers in the past eight weeks on her account, @bearcoat_tonkey. Step aside, Sir Charles Barkley, because this little pup is making the world swoon, one Instagram “like” at a time.

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1. “Come on, guys. Do we really have to take a bath right now?”

2. “Save some money in this piggy bank so you can buy more treats for me!”

3. “Dang it, I really gotta get better at this whole hide-and-seek thing.”

4. “Ugh, seriously… Halloween isn’t for another couple of months. Get me outta this thing!”

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5. “Oops! I’m sorry I rolled around in that mud in the backyard and got all dirty.”

6. “Did someone say treats?”

7. “Oh yeah, keep scratching my belly riiiiiight there.”

8. “Just chillin’ with my main squeezes. But we all know I’m the cutest one here!”

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9. “Mommy, can we pleeeease get that bone and the treats? Pretty please?”

10. “But I don’t wanna get up yet! Let’s just stay in bed and cuddle allllll day.”

11. “I know my eyes are gorgeous. Please try not to stare for too long.”

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