15 She-sheds on Instagram to put all man caves to shame

The she-shed is the prettier, more stylish alternative to the man cave. No disrespect to our cave-dwellers but these strictly female garden retreats are the business.

According to the Daily Mail, more women than ever are buying sheds. Apparently we’re flocking to our local DIY superstores in droves and snapping up summer houses, log cabins and a whole range of freestanding garden retreats.

I never thought I’d be lusting after a shed but I am. Because my shed wouldn’t be for storing garden chairs and the kids’ bikes and the lawnmower (if I had a lawnmower) but for working, or reading, or relaxing, or simply being alone. A place to call my own that’s not strewn with plastic superhero figures and dotted with piles of laundry.

What would your she-shed look like?

1. Red, white and blue

Courtesy: countrylivingmag/Instagram

2. Rustic chic

Courtesy: lazybonesaustralia/Instagram

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3. Secret garden

Courtesy: buzzanniebee/Instagram

4. Pretty pastels

Courtesy: homerenovationstyling/Instagram

5. Modern and minimal

Courtesy: indigojungleinteriorstyling/Instagram

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6. Country cottage

Courtesy: gracehill_farm/Instagram

7. Beach life

Courtesy: thewhiteapproach/Instagram

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8. A home from home

Courtesy: the_durhamite/Instagram

9. Contemporary and classic

Courtesy: modernspacesandsheds/Instagram

10. Tropical paradise

Courtesy: theladyinleopard/Instagram

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11. Complete comfort

Courtesy: alice_photograph/Instagram

12. Ultimate serenity

Courtesy: jennsoldit/Instagram

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13. Bringing the outdoors in

Courtesy: blouhoo/Instagram

14. Wicker and lace

Courtesy: bokociuba/Instagram

15. A boho space

Courtesy: oldbangalowroad/Instagram


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