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7 Donald Trump gaffes shaking up his presidential campaign

Love him or hate him, it looks like Donald Trump is here to stay.

The controversial-businessman-turned-Republican-candidate-for-president continues to surge in the polls. Some people are wondering how or why he’s the popular GOP candidate — especially when you consider all the controversial things that have come out of his mouth.

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In case you haven’t been keeping up with this reality show host, here’s a quick rundown of all the things the Trumpster has been up to lately. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether he should be hired or fired when it comes to the Republican nomination.

1. Dodging marital rape bullets

Donald Trump recently had to distance himself from his lawyer and spokesperson Michael Cohen. In response to allegations that Donald raped his former wife, Ivana Trump, Cohen angrily told a reporter, “You can’t rape your spouse.”

2. Giving out the digits

You might want to think twice before giving the Don your phone number. Senator Lindsey Graham was forced to get a new phone after Trump read his phone number aloud on national television.

3. Disgusted by boobies

The sooner folks get over the concept of nursing a child with a breast, the easier life will become. The past is coming back to haunt Donald Trump after he reportedly called a new mom “disgusting” for wanting to pump breast milk — in private, mind you — for her 3-month-old child.

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4. Has nothing but love for Palin

Using words like “special,” “loyal” and “smart,” Trump wants Sarah Palin in his cabinet should he become president of the United States. Perhaps she can give him advice on Russia?

5. Thinks you’re disgraceful for thinking he’s worth only a couple billion

“I’m worth much more than $10 billion,” snapped Trump. The real estate mogul was not too happy with Michael Bloomberg when his company valued Donald Trump’s fortune at a measly $2.9 billion. After all, who would be happy with such a low number?

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6. Has time to file silly trademarks

If you want to use terms like “Trumpocrat” and “Trumpublican,” you had better hurry. Donald Trump is on a mission to trademark these catchy terms and will likely have zero problem suing you for them.

7. Immigration inequality

Trump announced he wants to deport all undocumented immigrants, but he’ll let the “good ones” return. His exact words: “We got to move ’em out. We’re going to move ’em back in if they’re really good people.”

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