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Chic DIY colorblock bracelet is so easy to make

If you’re like me, you’ve got a reserve of jewelry that you simply don’t wear anymore — maybe it’s a bracelet you bought several years ago that’s not quite your style any longer or a non-sentimental hand-me-down that sits untouched on your vanity. Why not dust off those pieces and turn them into colorful and modern statement jewelry to accessorize your wardrobe for fall? A little spray paint and painter’s tape team up here to create geometric colorblocked jewelry you’ll actually want to wear again.

colorblock antique jewelry


Color block jewelry: Materials

  • An old piece of jewelry (but not your grandmother’s!). Cuffs and thick bracelets work best.
  • Spray paint in 4 different colors varying from light to dark, vibrant to subtle
  • Sand paper
  • Painter’s tape


Step 1:

Color block jewelry: Step 1

Slightly rough up all smooth surfaces with sandpaper to help the spray paint adhere.

Step 2:

Color block jewelry: Step 2

Tape a diagonal paintline at the center of the jewelry piece. Continue taping off 1 entire end of the bracelet to protect it from spray paint. Firmly press down the tape to ensure a clean paint line. Spray the bracelet with the first paint color. Let dry, and give it one more coat. Remove tape.

Step 3:

Color block jewelry: Step 3

Tape off the end you just painted in Step 2, firmly press down tape at the tape edge, and spray paint the untaped end another color. Let dry and give it one more coat. Remove tape.

Step 4:

Color block jewelry: Step 4

Create a color-blocked triangle by positioning the tape diagonally so that the edge forms a triangle point with the paint line created in Step 3. Tape off the rest of the bracelet to protect it from the paint spray. Press tape down firmly and spray the uncovered end of the bracelet. Allow to dry, and apply one more coat. Remove tape. Repeat Step 4 on the opposite end of the bracelet with the fourth paint color.

Step 5:

Color block jewelry: Step 5

Spray the bracelet with clear varnish to protect the painted finish. Allow to dry, and voilà!

Color block jewelry: Finished

Color block jewelry: Finished 2

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