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So this is what it takes to get the perfect selfie (VIDEO)

If you’re like me, you might find yourself scrolling through bloggers’ Instagram photos and wondering, “How do these women look so perfect?” We’re all used to the magical world of Photoshop that transforms every celebrity into a superhuman that we cannot possibly compare ourselves to.

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However, the less famous yet equally beautiful women on Instagram, such as blogger Marianna Hewitt, seem to still have that perfect Photoshopped look. Turns out, we still shouldn’t feel bad comparing ourselves to their photos, because apparently a lot of work goes into their creation. Hewitt so generously shows in this video what it takes to get the coveted perfect selfie, but it’s no easy feat.

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With four different apps used for editing, strategic selfie organization and the most amazing beauty-enhancing hacks I’ve ever seen, Hewitt shows how anyone can tweak their photos to look flawless. This is encouraging to see, as now I know these women I compare myself to are actually human, and had to go to great lengths to look so good.

While it definitely would be fun to try out these editing techniques, it’s important not to let your true beauty be lost under the filters. The perfect selfie in my eyes is a photo that shows your true personality, regardless of errant hairs or dull lighting. Even so, I will keep these tips in mind next time I need a little confidence boost.

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