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Rapid Reads: Everything you need to know to start your day

There’s a lot going on this Tuesday morning. Here are the trending stories everyone will be talking about today:

1. Finally.

Yesterday the Boy Scouts of America voted to officially end their ban on openly gay adult troop leaders. The change goes into effect immediately, with one notable exception: Church-sponsored troops don’t have to comply. Even with the exception, both the Mormon church and the Baptist church are reconsidering their relationship with the Scouts, as they say they are “deeply troubled” by the decision. – AP

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2. Not again.

Thirty-seven-year-old Ralkina Jones died mysteriously in an Ohio jail on Sunday. She was arrested Friday for allegedly attacking her ex-husband, though the incident report says her ex chose not to press charges. Some reports claim Jones had no injuries, but the police chief claims she was being treated for “several medical conditions” and given regular doses of various medications. The details are still unclear, and an autopsy has yet to be performed. Jones is the third black woman to die under questionable circumstances while in police custody in less than two weeks. – Huffington Post

3. OMG, Ew.

Cilantro from suppliers in Puebla, Mexico, has been banned in the U.S. after the Food and Drug Administration found it to be the culprit in hundreds of cases of Cyclosporiasis. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s an intestinal illness spread through contact with contaminated feces. How did the cilantro get contaminated with feces, you might ask? Well, inspectors allegedly found toilet paper and human waste littering the fields where it’s grown. Go ahead and vomit. I’ll wait. – NBC Washington

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4. Girl power.

The Arizona Cardinals hired the first-ever female NFL coach yesterday. Her name is Jen Welter and she’ll be working as a pre-season intern. Welter won gold medals with Team USA in the International Federation of American Football Women’s World Championships in 2010 and 2013. She also has a Ph.D. in sports psychology, was the first woman to ever play a non-kicking position in professional football on the Texas Revolution of the Indoor Football League and also worked as a coach for the Revolution. Basically, she’s the definition of awesome and it’s exciting to see the NFL make this move. – NBC

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5. Take a look, in a book…

Brace yourselves because your inner child is about to start squealing: Reading Rainbow is coming to Netflix! The streaming service just announced the show will be a part of its new offerings for the month of August, leaving fans everywhere splashing in a glittering pool of nostalgia. LeVar Burton is working to bring the beloved show back to life, but in the meantime Netflix reruns in our pajamas will do. – Entertainment Weekly

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6. Eau de dirty socks?

The famous Corpse Flower at the Berkeley Botanical Garden has bloomed. It’s an event that only happens about once every seven years, at minimum. Corpse Flowers are famous for smelling like, well, corpses. A university official described the scent of this year’s bloom as “mega dirty socks wrapped around a rotting steak.” Sounds delicious. – NBC Bay Area

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