6 Ways to take your mind off infertility this summer

Jul 27, 2015 at 2:57 p.m. ET
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When you are going through infertility, worry and stress can weigh heavily on your day-to-day life. It is difficult to escape from this barrage of anxiety. But it is summer and it is the season to have fun! Use summertime fun to take your mind off your infertility journey and enjoy yourself. Here are some ideas to enjoy the summer and relax during infertility.

1. Avoid kid-heavy areas

Summer means kids are off school and many families are running around. Seeing kids can be painful during infertility, so try to structure most of your summer relaxation and fun activities away from places that may be kid-centric.

2. Pamper yourself

The perfect way to de-stress during infertility is to take a day for yourself. Book a spa day and get the works. To make it fun in the sun, find a spa in your area that has an outdoor element where you can relax in the sun and enjoy the sounds of summer. If there are no good outdoor spas around your area, take a road trip with a close friend or your spouse to a beautiful outdoor spa retreat.

3. Take a vacation

Another perfect way to relax is to take a vacation and enjoy summer by traveling to a beach. Find a great beach location that emphasizes relaxation and tranquility. If you would rather take a vacation to distract you from infertility, then look for an adults-only all-inclusive beach resort that has multiple activities included to provide plenty of fun. Even though your wallet may be stretched thin by infertility treatments, with a little bit of searching you can often find great off-peak deals.

4. Start an exercise routine

Exercise is beneficial in a huge number of ways. Exercising releases endorphins that help make you happier and more relaxed. Plus, setting fitness goals for yourself and seeing them slowly come to fruition is a hugely rewarding experience that can increase your chances of pregnancy. Start off by waking up at early and taking a summer morning jog. The air is cool and the scenery is beautiful. After that, craft a cardio and light weightlifting combo to see awesome results.

5. Take up a summer hobby

Part of the problem with dealing with infertility is that you get stuck in a routine that weighs on you. Change it up by taking on a summertime hobby. A great example is to start a yard-work project that creates a beautiful piece of landscape you can spend time in.

6. Spend summer with your partner

This is probably the easiest, least expensive and most important summertime activity you can do to take your mind off infertility. Your partner is also having problems going through the process and infertility treatments take a toll on your romantic life. Counteract this by having fun in the sun with your partner to bond again. Play hooky one day and go to a nearby pool to relax together without talking about infertility. Or spend time working on a hobby together. Remember your partner needs to stop focusing so much on infertility worries as well so include him or her in some of your summertime activities to keep your relationship strong during this stressful time.

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