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Short shorts can cause very icky (and painful) health problems

“We wear shorts shorts…” It was the jingle that got stuck in every ’80s baby’s head back in the day, a commercial urging us to take all the hair off our legs so we could wear the shortest shorts possible. And it seems many in the U.S. have taken that to heart. Shorts seem to be getting shorter by the day. And now, it seems, that’s not a good thing.

You can’t escape them in the summer. Short shorts. And they seem to be getting even shorter. But Cosmopolitan is getting to the bottom (pun intended) of the short shorts debate and their findings will make anyone want to opt for the slightly longer option. According to Cosmo:

It’s extremely unlikely for tight shorts to cause permanent damage or interfere with your sexual functioning, but they can trigger yeast infections. If you’re genetically prone to vulvodynia (i.e., persistent vulvar pain), wearing super-tight bottoms on the regular could eventually cause a flare-up.

Yes. Imagine those hot sweaty days. Then imagine that tightness between the legs. It’s… unpleasant, right? The doctors go on to say that you should make sure your shorts have give and that they are in the right size. It’s not that hard to do.

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There are so many ways we hurt ourselves in the name of fashion. Too-tight skinny jeans. High heels that poke and blister our feet. Shapewear that squeezes us almost to the point of loss of air. Why do we do this to ourselves?

We can say it’s to get more cool air on our skin, but that’s simply not true. Short shorts are in. They are a fashion statement. And they are uncomfortable. Ever had your skin stuck to a chair because your shorts were too short? Ouch is all I can say about that.

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We should stop suffering in the name of style, ladies. It’s not worth it. Mid-thigh shorts, for the win! As a mother, I know I will rest easier knowing my daughters have some options beyond butt bearing and yeast infection-inducing. Besides, longer shorts just feel more put together. Obviously women can and should wear whatever they like, but there is something comforting about a return of mid-length shorts that cover the upper thigh area. Call me a prude, but given the health concerns, there are many reasons to opt for a few more inches.

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