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5 Feel-good stories that’ll restore your faith in humanity

This week we’ve been hearing about everything from rising inflation rates and tornado damage in Calgary to the horrific movie theatre shootings and stories of police misconduct in America. I don’t know about you, but I need some good news to keep me from going off the rails.

1. Like the adventures of this cute stuffed animal

According to Mashable, Annelies Vredeveldt lost her stuffed dog, Boris, at a hotel during a business trip. Not only did the staff find it and return it to her, but they showed it some serious hospitality to boot.

2. Or this hilarious trip down memory lane

BuzzFeed spotted #GrowingUpCanadian on Twitter and compiled an article that somehow manages to describe what growing up in Canada is like in just 23 tweets.

3. The Pan Am Games news coverage

In case you haven’t heard, we’re kind of winning all the medals at the Pan American Games. Currently ranked second behind the Unites States, Canada has set a new national record!

4. This spectacular animal rescue

If you haven’t seen this footage of the orca beached near a village in Hartley Bay swimming free, then stop what you’re doing, and click on this video immediately.

5. And a precious moment among friends captured on film

This photo of Ontario bride Jamie Riddell and her bridesmaids breastfeeding on her wedding day is the sweetest thing. Read the full story in The Huffington Post.

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