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Woman paralysed from chest down becomes successful beauty blogger

Ten years after a car accident that left her paralysed from the chest down 25-year-old Jordan Bone has established herself as a successful beauty blogger — which is pretty amazing considering that since the accident she has had no control over her fingers.

“Doing my beauty videos is a real achievement for me because ten years ago I couldn’t even lift my arms up to put my mascara on, and it would be such a struggle,” Jordan told the Daily Mail. “I was crying because I wanted to wear the make-up that I wore before my accident. And finally I got there — that’s what I try and tell people in my videos — try and do something you think is unachievable, because it is achievable.”

After the car accident Jordan spent five days in Intensive Care before being airlifted to Sheffield’s spinal unit, where she remained for the next six months.

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As Jordan tried to come to terms with her paralysis she struggled to keep positive. “There were times when I was down, because my life was so different to what I’d imagined it to be,” she said. “I couldn’t do anything on my own — I had to have help with everything — I had no privacy.”

After discovering meditation, she learned to focus on the positives in her life and credits this with giving her the “focus” she needed to build up a successful beauty blogging business, which includes sharing inspirational videos with her followers. Jordan also works with the road safety charity Fixers to raise awareness of road safety among young drivers.

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Video: Jordan Bone/YouTube

Jordan’s advice should be taken by everyone — whatever their circumstances:

“I know lots of people will see me as being confined to a wheelchair, but that’s not how I look at it. I’m still able to lead a fulfilling life — I go to the gym, practice (sic) boxing, weights and rowing — I try not to let anything hold me back. Anyone can be dealt a bad set of cards in life but it’s the way in which we choose to go about it. We can live a positive life even through a negative situation.”

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Visit Jordan’s blog for beauty, fashion, lifestyle and motivation tips.

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