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Good Samaritan turns in lost diamond ring, police still searching for owner

A diamond ring found in a parking lot off Highway 1 in Rawdon last month has still not been claimed by its rightful owner or even reported lost or stolen. According to the RCMP, who have the ring under lock and key, this gorgeous silver band complete with five diamonds was turned in to the police by a good Samaritan after being found in the Mount Uniacke area.

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I’ve lost many material things in my life — my favorite Polly Pocket doll, my credit card and countless socks that have been mysteriously eaten by my dryer, among other things. When I lost my credit card earlier this year, panicked thoughts swirled through my head as I frantically called the service number to cancel my card. But I can’t even imagine the panic attack losing a diamond ring like this one would trigger.

It’s a little surprising and perhaps even concerning that this ring has yet to be claimed by its owner. Whether it’s a wedding ring or a family relic, it belongs on the finger of its owner, not in the hands of the RCMP.

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If you’re thinking of pulling a fast one on the police and pretending to be the owner, think again. You must have proof of ownership, whether it be paper documentation or a wedding photo. Call the Rawdon RCMP department at 902-632-2424 if you have any information about this ring.

Here’s to hoping it ends up back on the hand of its original owner!

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