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Teacher inside Louisiana theater shooting takes bullet for fellow movie-goer

A Louisiana screening was the target of another mass shooting during Thursday evening.

According to Variety, three people are dead and seven are confirmed wounded at this time. Among the dead is the gunman, who reportedly took his own life after the shooting spree. Of the wounded, their conditions apparently range from non-life-threatening to critical, according to the police chief at the scene.

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Though many of the details about the scene are still emerging, witnesses and family of the victims are taking to Twitter to share their reactions and thoughts about what has happened tonight.

Warning: Some of these details are difficult to read.

So far, motive for the shooting is unknown. The gunman reportedly didn’t speak as he opened fire on the theater about 20 minutes into the film’s start time. Authorities are confirming that he used a handgun.

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Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal also arrived on the scene of the shooting shortly after being notified of the incident.

Reports also confirm that Governor Jindal plans to visit the hospital where victims are being treated.

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Star Amy Schumer responded quickly to the news on Twitter.

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