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Dog begs for literally everything, and it’s so darn cute (VIDEO)

The look on this dog’s face when presented with absolutely anything is simply amazing.


So, when the dog begged for the Nutella, I totally felt a kinship with him coming on. And then said kinship quickly disappeared as soon as he begged for the cleaning products. Seriously, dog, what is that even about? Have some self-respect, man.

It was hard to be embarrassed for our canine friend for long, though, because with the smile on his face and the gesture of the paws he produced every single time he liked what was on offer, he reminded me that life really is all about simple pleasures. He also made me reconsider the look of disdain I’ve been giving my broom for years. Maybe this video will bring me joy and a new love of sweeping? Or, you know, not.

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