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Pony has excellent time riding shotgun in a car (VIDEO)

Not gonna lie: This video is supremely bizarre, but in the best possible way.


The guys in this car are half the fun of this video; their reactions and the sheer amount of joy they derive from the oddball scenario are just delightful. They seem like fun, effervescent people, no?

You know who is not a fun and effervescent person? Um, this writer, who spent way too much of this video asking herself logistical questions (and now she’s talking about herself in the third person, which is an indication that, in addition to lacking fun and effervescence, she also lacks the desire to even try to be cool).

But back to the logistics: That is a very small car that pony is in. How did the pony even get in the car, let alone manage to just sit in it and look comfortable? Most important question, though: Is Ginuwine being played in the pony’s car. God, I hope so.

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