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Dog jumping through field will make you want to run free (VIDEO)

This dog’s lack of inhibition will make you want to go for a run just like him. Or, alternatively, it will make you want to have a lie down.


Remember when you were a kid and you would play outside, which was always the absolute best time you ever had? And then your mom would ruin it by calling you inside, so you’d pretend you didn’t hear her before you had to actually begrudgingly make your way indoors? I feel like this is the dog version of that.

The freedom and zest for life this dog has is inspiring. Also inspiring? His level of fitness. I mean, it reminded me of a simpler time when I would run around uninhibited just like him, but now that I’m an adult, merely watching anyone — be they human or canine — do physical activity makes me feel like I could go take a nap.

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