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Bookish kitten reads by sitting on top of owner’s head (VIDEO)

So, it appears this kitten is a bookworm.


You know when you’re sitting on public transport and the person seated next to you is reading a book and you can’t help but peer over and read along? I kinda feel that’s what’s happened here.

Also plausible? This kitten put reading the book of the month for her book club on the back burner and only just realized she only has a day to read the whole thing. She and her owner are probably part of the same book club so they just bought the one copy — hence, the kitten has no choice but to read at the same time as her owner, and atop her head really does offer the best view.

Now that I’ve put my theories out there, I’m probably going to take a break from speculating about the motivations of cats who read books.

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