Ask a Raging Feminist: What do you hide inside your purse?

Purses can easily become black holes where everything from gum to change to pens go to get lost. But many of us stash our lives in our bags, and you can tell a lot about a person from what you find inside them.

Today’s question: What’s in your bag?

A nutcracker.”April Salazar

Makeup bag; travel-size dry shampoo; reading glasses; sunglasses; phone-wallet combo; Metro Card in the side pocket for easy access; and a travel umbrella, which doubles as a baton to smash the patriarchy with — or at the very least threaten street harassers.” — Amber Garrett

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My purse is only used for essential daily needs so I try to be super selective of what I throw in there. For starters, I have 4 super different shades of lipstick from pale pinks to deep purples. Of course, I also have matching lipliner for each one so I can ensure my lips are perfectly defined and easy to see when I say things like ‘F*** off’ to patriarchy. There’s also a big keychain filled with keys that unlock the doors to magical worlds where men don’t harass women and elite feminists aren’t chanting 77 cents to women of color who make significantly less. Oh, and I also have a bottled energy drink because being a smart bitch is exhausting.” — Natasha Vianna

My retainer for my vagina dentata, my one-size-fits-all male-gaze blocking cape, a venti cup of female privilege, my copy of the Misandry Handbook, and chapstick.” — Alex Blank Millard

A wallet, a computer, shades, a lipstick, a spare tampon, and a Five Hour Energy because being a raging feminist is exhausting.” — Hanna Brooks Olsen

War paint, Mace, brass knuckles, and a journal chronicling my conquests over misogynistic oppression. Also, mints.” — Seraphina Ferraro

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My virginity. I thought I had lost it, but it was in the side pocket under a half-eaten chocolate bar.” — Therese Shechter

Nipple clamps, choke chain. Cards representing debt. An empty journal. Smartphones connecting me to two dozen unfinished poems.” — Margaret Corvid

My whole life is contained in the bags on my bicycle. I have a snuggly sleeping bag, clothes, a tent, a book of Adrienne Rich poems, my journal, a cookstove, a toothbrush, dried mango, water, and a million other things. Such is the life of a solo female touring cyclist!” — Devi K. Lockwood

All the usual girly things you’d expect, like money, condoms, and business cards, this coupon for free bacon I keep forgetting to use…and a multipurpose utility tool. This tool helps me open beers for my man AND open childproof packaging in even the most rustic of settings. Bonus: the mini-screwdrivers and wrenches allow me to dismantle the patriarchy whenever an opportunity presents itself.

Also, tampons, lip gloss, and at least eight ponytail holders.” — Jessica Sutherland

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