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6 Times Hillary Clinton absolutely shut down her critics

We’re still months out from even beginning to make our final decisions on who we want to see run for president and even further from seeing who will win. But the Democratic Party has certainly got a contender in Hillary Clinton.

We try to avoid hero worship. Really. But when a woman can’t make it through a day of work without feeling like a second-class citizen, we begin looking for a champion. When we can’t walk into a clinic without the weight of someone else’s religion on our shoulders, we recognize the need for more vocal women in politics.

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Ladies, over the last few decades, Hillary Clinton has not only been vocal in her opposition to the men running our country — she’s owned them. She reminded us of just that in a recent Facebook post addressing attacks from Mitch McConnell.

This wasn’t the first time Clinton owned her opposition, though. Take a look at some of her most badass moments.

1. Clinton stands up for a woman’s right to choose

Get ’em, Hil! When questioned about China’s policy of forced abortions for population control, Clinton has continually spoken out. She’s not just in favor of protecting the female body when the female wants an abortion — Clinton wants to protect women’s rights globally and no matter what decision she makes.

2. Clinton schooling Rep. Chris Smith on family planning
Yas. Remind him of young mothers in Africa! School him on poverty-stricken mothers in Asia. Clinton touches on her belief that it’s a woman’s right to choose, but her biggest push here is for better sex education. Abstinence-only teaching doesn’t prepare teens or young adults for what to do if they fall off the abstinence wagon.

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3. That time she basically called Donald Trump a racist
Because he is. And, as she says, he’s emblematic of a bigger issue in our country. Once again, we’re at a racial boiling point in our country. A leader like Donald Trump, who hates so many people, is only going to polarize our country even more and continue to turn up the gas on hatred until it boils over.

4. On bringing Benghazi back to the most important issue

Admittedly the circumstances surrounding the Benghazi attacks were suspect. Following it, the release of information was handled poorly, maybe even deceptively. Clinton scolded one investigator, though, by reminding him of the bigger picture: Lives were lost, and their murders had yet to be punished.

5. On dealing with the other woman

Sometimes Clinton is one tough cookie, but she channeled Oprah Winfrey during her 2014 interview with Diane Sawyer and shared the bigger lesson learned from her husband’s affair with Monica Lewinsky: “Do what’s necessary to be resilient.”

6. Pointing out a sexist question

We expected more from Diane Sawyer. But in 2014, she asked one seriously sexist question: Could Clinton handle being a grandmother and being the president? Clinton’s answer was amazing.

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Like Clinton herself said about Mitch McConnell, voting for Clinton isn’t about voting for a woman. It’s about voting for women’s rights… among other things.

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