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17 Things Only Yorkshire Terrier Owners Understand

There’s a reason #YorkieLife has a nearly 300,000 posts on Instagram right now — it’s because the Yorkshire terrier is the craziest, funniest, smartest and cutest little dog to ever grace the planet.

Look, we know that Yorkies aren’t perfect. They can yap, they sometimes have an attitude, and they totally think they are smarter than we are (and they might be). But we wouldn’t trade our #YorkieProblems (which has 21,485 posts on Insta, BTW) for anything in the world.

A Yorkie isn’t just a breed, it’s a way of life. And if you’re Yorkie proud, you’ll totally understand the following.

1. The accessorizing

Blame it on small dog lovers like Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton, but everyone knows that Yorkies belong in a matching purse — at least some of the time. How else are you going to carry your pup around and show it off to all your friends?

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2. The attitude

Small dogs must have decided this in their secret small-dog society, but your Yorkie is going to expect to be carried. Everywhere. Especially up the stairs in your house.

3. The bows

What is it about adorably silky puppy hair that makes you want to brush it and put a bow in it? Yorkie mamas know that the only way to keep hair out of a pup’s eyes is with a stylish clip.

4. The catlike reflexes

Sweet little Yorkies are lighter on their feet than you’ve been led to believe. BoConcept employee Iris Tok, owner of the New York furniture store’s unofficial mascot Max, says that Yorkies often act like cats. “Max loves to walk in slow motion, hunter-cat style,” Tok explains.

5. The doggie smiles

If you don’t think a dog can smile, then you haven’t met a happy little Yorkie yet. Tok adds, “Max can smile! He greets customers with a unique smile.”

6. The fashion

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Don’t pretend you haven’t been shopping for tiny dog clothes online at 2 in the morning like every other Yorkie owner out there. Yorkies are the best kind of small dog to have because they love to dress up, and they look good doing it.

7. The fear
Think about living with someone a hundred times your size who could accidentally crush you at any moment, and then that shivering small-dog stereotype suddenly makes sense.

8. The hanging tongue

Look a little closer at that lovable Yorkie smile, and you may see something hanging out of its mouth. Nyong Atkins says most people don’t realize that Yorkies are known for having bad teeth. That grinning pup sticking its tongue out at you probably just forgot to put in its dentures.

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9. The hiding

Teeny, tiny dogs will always beat you at a game of hide-and-seek, so don’t even try to win. A dog small enough to fit in a teacup can disappear and may not come out for hours.

10. The jokes

Is that a Yorkie or an Ewok? Easy, killer! You couldn’t find a smaller dog? Prepare to hear at least one million cliché Yorkie jokes during your first year of ownership, and don’t forget to practice your fake laugh.

11. The lapping

If there’s one thing small dogs are good for, besides living a life of cuteness, it’s curling up like a hot little circle in your lap. Cherish these snuggles or use your pup for warmth on a cold day — it’s all the same to your pooch.

12. The outbursts

Sleep like a baby for 22 hours a day and get carried everywhere you go, and you’re bound to work up some energy. Don’t be surprised when your Yorkie tears through the house and runs in circles, only to head back to bed.

13. The popularity

Just try to take one of the cutest dogs ever bred out on the street without someone stopping to pet it — I dare you. If you’re running errands with your Yorkie in tow, allow at least 20 extra minutes for the paparazzi.

14. The sleeping

If you’ve never felt your heart burst while watching a real-life stuffed animal sleep, then you haven’t owned a Yorkie.

15. The toy obsession

Here’s the first thing to remember when you take a Yorkie pup home for the first time: These innocent-looking pooches are quite territorial and will never let their favorite toys out of their sight.

16. The wet dog surprise

The first time you see your dog in the bath without that fluff around it, you’re going to wonder if you accidentally bought a sewer rat instead.

17. The yapping

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Yorkies are called “yappy, lappy” dogs for a reason. Good thing they’re bred so small because even their shrill barks sound cute to the untrained ear.

Originally published August 2015. Updated June 2017.

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