13 Easy room facelifts you can do on your lunch break

It doesn’t take a ton of muscle or money to give your home a fresh look. Tackle one space at a time — each effort will leave your home (and you) feeling renewed.

1. Create a vignette

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On a coffee table or mantel, arrange a little display to add interest. A plant or flowers, a small stack of pretty books and a few accessories (coasters, remotes in a basket) are all you need.

2. Add a slipcover


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Make old furniture look new with slipcovers: solid, patterned, reversible. Premade slipcovers are perfect for standard sized sofas and chairs. If your furniture is oddly shaped, you may need a seamstress to help you customize your favorite fabric.

3. Toss in a few pillows


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Throw pillows are one of the easiest ways to personalize a space. Cover an existing pillow with a fresh new cover, or simply add a new pillow in a fun pattern or color to jazz up your room.

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4. “Shop” other rooms


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Give new life to a forgotten home accent by moving it from one room to another. That artsy vase in your bedroom could make a gorgeous focal point on the family room mantel. You won’t spend a cent.

5. Replace a lampshade


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You might be surprised by how much one new lampshade can change a room. A patterned drum shade looks fabulous in a contemporary dining room, while a pleated bell shade lends a traditional feel to the home office.

6. Add an area rug


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You don’t have to match the rug to the room — it can be a completely different color and pattern than your existing furniture, drapes or pillows. Use rugs to create seating areas, to pull together a dining space or to cozy up a bare family room. Add a smaller rug on top of your existing area rug for added texture.

7. Reorganize a bookshelf

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Arrange books and decor by color. Align all the books so the spines are at the very front of the shelf. Place books vertically on most shelves and horizontally on just a few. You’ll feel an instant sense of order.

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8. Spruce up your entryway


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Set a good first impression with a tidy entryway. If you have a hall closet, use it: put away shoes, coats, umbrellas, backpacks. If you have an entry table, keep it orderly: Place keys in a pretty bowl, corral mail in a basket. Don’t let the area become a dumping ground.

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9. Create a fresh centerpiece

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Bring life to a side table, a kitchen island or a nightstand with a vase of cut flowers. Use multiple vases of various sizes for an eye-catching display. Allergic to flowers? Try a pretty bowl of lemons or apples instead.

10. Reorganize the pantry

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Maybe you have a beautiful walk-in pantry. Perhaps you store your foods in kitchen cupboards. Then again you might have a tiny space that forces you to keep everything out in the open. Regardless of where your canned goods, baking supplies and food staples are kept, it’s best if they’re tidy and accessible. Store dry goods in airtight containers, bags or chips or pretzels in baskets and canned goods on portable Lazy Susans.

11. Refresh wall art


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Switch out the photos in your hanging frames. Or add new, colorful mattes to make the photos stand out. Staple a fun fabric to a corkboard. Mod Podge some fun scrapbook paper to an art canvas.

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12. Move furniture

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Redecorate for free by moving furniture pieces within a room, or from one room to another. Repurpose a family room ottoman as a living room sofa table. Create a cozy indoor seating area with outdoor wicker chairs. Move a bedroom armoire into a space where you need more storage (think craft supplies, board games, pantry items). Easy peasy!

13. Do a quick clean


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Take 10 minutes to make your bed, dust or vacuum one room, wipe down the bathroom sink and toilet or load and run the dishwasher. Having even one of these chores out of the way will make you feel great about your home.

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