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‘U.K.’s worst driver’ passes her test at last

As someone who took three attempts and a week-long intensive driving course to pass her test I’m in no position to judge anyone else’s motoring skills.

But Janine Mars from Kent deserves a mention for finally passing her test after failing five times and driving a whopping 10,000 miles as a learner.

Janine had her first driving lesson at 17 and at 31 she can finally rip off those “L” plates and get out on the roads without a chaperone.

“I just thought, ‘Oh my God I’ve passed!’,” construction site manager Janine said of the moment she was told by her examiner that she had passed her test. “I can’t describe how excited I was, I am still buzzing from it. I rang my mum and she was screaming too. It’s just an amazing feeling and anyone who really wants to achieve something should keep persevering.”

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“I can get a lot of time and independence back now,” she continued. “I always joke that I was born to be driven and then when I hit 30 it kind of hit me like a brick that I needed to do this.”

Janine worked her way through six driving instructors before striking gold with Sandra Macdonald-Ames, who appeared on BBC1’s So You Think You Can Drive? But even she had her work cut out for her with Janine: when she put her forward for her fifth test she failed after forgetting to put her car in the correct gear going up a hill, reports the Daily Express.

A huge part of Janine’s problem was nerves. Until a few months ago, she was so anxious about driving that she was unable to pull away without stalling.

Well done Janine and happy car shopping (she’s reported to have her heart set on a Vauxhall Corsa or a Peugeot 107).

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