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Mama cat sums up motherhood in one perfect picture (PHOTO)

All new mums out there (and any woman who has been there, because we never, ever forget) will know exactly how this mother cat feels.

Just look at her eyes. She’s not fully there. And that pose. It’s not so much relaxed as I-simply-can’t-move. When the babies need fed, they need fed, and everything else has to wait.

The picture, first posted on a Japanese website and shared on Twitter, is the ultimate feline equivalent of the “knackered mum” pose. You know, when a breastfeeding infant is clamped to a boob for hours on end. Or when a sleeping toddler has you pinned to the sofa because the pins and needles in your legs is worth half an hour of peace and quiet. Or simply the sheer exhaustion of parenthood, that can floor you even when your kids are in another room.

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Yet we still do it, just like Mama cat. Because despite the unimaginable tiredness, the lethargy, the chaos and the non-stop demands, it’s all worth it.

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