How to personalize your rental without breaking any rules

One of the most challenging aspects of apartment living is how to make it personal when you are not allowed to change anything. No paint, no new tile, nothing permanent. Here are some tips to make your space reflect your personality.

1. Tile

The tile in your bathroom is most likely ugly and outdated. Head over to your local hardware store and pick up some peel-and-stick tile. It can go right over the existing tile and you can pull it back off when it’s time to move out. Just heat it with a hairdryer and pull it off.

2. Wallpaper

Image: Etsy

You can’t paint the ugly white walls but you can cover them with temporary wallpaper. These are some beautiful options.

This peel-and-stick paper can be used on walls, the ceiling, the back of your bookcase, even in place of a backsplash. When you move out, just peel it back off.

3. Hanging window treatments

Want to hang some window treatments but aren’t allowed to drill holes into the wall? Why not use 3M Command hooks? They adhere right to the wall and come in a wide variety of colors. Buy panels or valances with grommet holes and hook them right onto the hooks. You can also use 3M ceiling hooks to hang up your coffee mugs or kitchen utensils!

4. Area Rugs

Area rugs are a great way to cover what is usually ugly apartment carpet. You can also use them to add a pop of color and personal style to your place.

5. Live plants

Plants bring life to the space. If you’re worried about keeping them alive, try succulents, which require little attention. If you absolutely don’t want the responsibility of a live plant, fake plants work too.

6. Contact paper for drawers

In the kitchen, use peel-and-stick contact paper to line your drawers and cabinets. There are a lot of fun patterns to choose from and it gives another non-permanent personal touch!


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