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16 Reasons why pet bunnies are actually the best

If you’re on the market for a new pet (and even if you’re not), you can stop looking. A pet bunny is exactly what you need, and this is why.

1. They are so, so soft

Image: Giphy

Couldn’t you just pet this for hours?

2. That nose

Image: Giphy

Completely irresistible.

3. They’re easy to clean

Image: Giphy

Does your vacuum have an attachment? Done.

4. It’s fun to watch them eat

Image: Giphy

I don’t know about you, but I could watch this all day.

5. And even better to watch them drink

Image: Giphy

So. Cute.

6. They’ll get along with your cat

Image: Giphy

BFFs for life.

7. And your dog

Image: Giphy

I’ll take two of each, please.

8. In fact, they’ll get along with all of your pets

Image: Giphy

They’ll fit right in to your family, no problem.

9. They jump because… duh

Image: Giphy

Hours of free entertainment.

10. They’re smart

Image: Giphy

Even if it does mean they get into trouble.

11. Even their trouble-making is cute

Image: Giphy

You can buy more toilet paper, right?

12. You can bring them flowers

Image: Giphy

It’s nice to be appreciated.

13. They’re handy to have around

Image: Giphy

No more searching for that letter opener.

14. They’re big dreamers

Image: Giphy

And it’s so much fun to watch.

15. They’re actually pretty chill

Image: Giphy

Take a page from their book.

16. The cuddles

Image: Giphy

That’s the best part, for sure.

Now that you’re convinced, what kind of bunny are you going to get?

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