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Amazing woman invents shoes with adjustable heel heights

Raise your hand if you have ever been that girl to keep an emergency pair of flats handy so you can ditch your heels when they start to hurt your feet. Well, thanks to Tanya Heath, your emergency pair is about to significantly downsize.

There exists a magical pair of heels that are, I kid you not, adjustable. Take a minute to let that sink in. Gone are the days of sacrificing your ankles for the perfect pair. Now when the height of a heel tests a woman’s patience, pain tolerance and overall balance, she will no longer be forced to abandon her beloved stilettos. With Tanya Heath’s latest creation, all you have to do is click one heel off, and click a slightly shorter heel on. It is that simple, and every bit wonderful.

Tanya Health black strappy sandals

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I know what you are thinking. “Too good to be true,” right? Wrong. Catherine Ostler of the Daily Mail put a pair to the test, and according to the 5’2” ballet-pump connoisseur, the concept is legitimate. The catch? The shoes are a tad pricey. But this is worth the investment, ladies.

Tanya heath adjustable high heel

“I can’t wait to start trying out different shoe/heel combinations” Ostler writes. “The strappy sandals are satisfying to play with because they look so different with a change of heel: with a black-and-gold mottled stiletto they’re perfect for an elegant evening soiree; click on a lower chunky Christophe and you’re all set to wander around the park on a sunny day.”

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So let’s talk about the mechanics. Styles range from a plain pump, strappy sandal and ankle boot. Next, choose your heel of preference whether it be a stiletto (3-1/2 inch), chunky heel (3-1/3 inch), kitten (2-1/3 inch) or chunky low (1-1/2 inch). You can view all the different styles here.

Each of the four heels are customized to fit each shoe and easily slide into place. Talk about a wardrobe change. I’m sure Cinderella could have used a pair of these babies to flee the royal castle.

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