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18 Things cat lovers adore about their cats

You love your cat — that’s a given. And these are the reasons why.

1. That purr

Image: Giphy

It means “you’re my person” in cat-speak, right?

2. When they rub their heads on you

Image: Giphy

Let’s just accept that you’ll never pet them quite right. It’s better just to let them take care of it.

3. When they tap for your attention

Image: Giphy

When they want your attention, they want it now. And they know we can’t ignore that.

4. When they cheat for your attention

Image: wabisabi2015/Flickr

Yes, it’s annoying. But it’s so nice to be needed.

5. When they talk

Image: Flo/Flickr

You have no idea what he’s saying, but it must be important, and you love that he’s taking the time to tell you about it. Just keep saying, “Oh yeah? I know!”

6. The funny faces

Image: Laurinha Lii/Flickr

Little Miss Priss would be mortified if she knew the faces she made when she sleeps. You find it hilarious… and a bit endearing.

7. When something catches their eye

Image: Giphy

They don’t miss a thing. It’s really very impressive.

8. The falls

Image: Giphy

It doesn’t happen very often but when you catch it — gold! The only thing that’s more funny is the embarrassed look they get once they’re right-side-up again.

9. The hunt

Image: Giphy

What’s not to love about that cute little wiggly butt in the air?

10. The pounce

Image: Giphy

The pounce is always the follow-up move to the butt wiggle. You’ll do just about anything to make it happen.

11. When they love your little ones

Nothing else in the world is that adorable.

12. Waking up to that face

Image: Ella Mullins/Flickr

There’s no such thing as the wrong side of the bed when you wake up to something so precious.

13. Their irrational fears

Image: Giphy

Spiders? No problem. Mice? On it. Oranges? Forghedaboudit.

14. Their friendships

Image: Giphy

Few things are as heartwarming as seeing all your furry friends cuddled up for a nap.

15. When they get their sniff on

Image: Giphy

“Where have you been? What were you doing?” It’s nice to know someone thinks about you when you’re gone.

16. When they’re sleepy

Image: Giphy

The only thing cuter than a kitten is a very tired kitten.

17. The anger

Image: Giphy

You know it won’t last, so it’s totally OK to laugh at his angry little expression. It’s really more cute than mean, isn’t it?

18. The hugs

Image: Giphy

Nothing better. Nothing.

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