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9 Ways to stay cool if you can’t hit the beach

The summer months always boast a few super hot days that will leave you dreaming of that cool plunge at the beach. However, those refreshing waves might be too far away for a quick day trip.

If you can’t afford to splurge on a beach vacay this year, don’t fret. There are plenty of fun ways you can stay cool without breaking the bank on a pilgrimage to the coast. And yes, many of these activities can still be done in your bathing suit.

1. Treat yourself to midweek ice cream

If you don’t have a boardwalk nearby, grab a scoop or two of your favorite flavor, and take yourself on a short walk around the neighborhood on your lunch break.

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2. Have a Slip’N Slide party

You’re never too old to play on a Slip’N Slide, no matter what the box says. Just make sure you buy at least three of them and string them together, otherwise you’ll be in for a very short trip.

3. Make up your own ice bucket challenge

It can be for a good cause, or for something silly like, “save Dave, who’s stuck at work for the weekend.” Either way, it’s something everyone can do (and more importantly share) with their friends.

4. River tubing
Perhaps my favorite summertime activity. If you live within an hour or two of a decent-sized river, chances are there will be river tubing adventures available. This can be both lazy fun, and super exciting, depending on the rapids situation, but always wear a life preserver when you go, and make sure you have an experienced guide.

5. Frozen drinks party

Got a blender? Then you’ve got a party. Throw in some tiki torches and palm tree kiddie pools, and you’ve got a tropical staycation. Here are some fabulous (and easy) frozen drink recipes.

6. Outdoor movie night

If you don’t live in a city or town that offers this as a summer event, you can make your own by pinning several old sheets together, and buying a projector. Your house will instantly become your friends’ favorite hang out place.

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7. Nighttime mini golf
Everyone always forgets about this fun little past time, but it makes for the greatest summer evening activity, especially when you grab drinks beforehand. Suddenly, everyone has a handicap, and no one cares who wins.

8. Water balloon fight

Now you can’t force this to happen, but what you can do is make a whole bunch of them, and if the opportunity presents itself, fire the first shot.

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9. Find that secret watering hole
They’re all over the country in the most surprising places. Odds are, you aren’t too far from one.

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