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Stranded shark rescued in incredible efforts by beachgoers (VIDEO)

It happens every summer: People get hot, head out into the water and end up encountering the ocean’s biggest predator. Most man vs. shark stories tend to scare swimmers to pieces, but a video out of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is going viral because it’s got a much happier ending.

A young great white shark managed to beach himself in Chatham, apparently while trying to catch seagulls. Instead of running away, terrified of what the toothy creature might do, man came to the rescue of the beast! Check it out:

How’s that for proof that man and nature can live together in harmony?

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The rescue came thanks to folks from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, who were called in by the Chatham harbormaster, but it was the crowd stepping up to throw water on the shark to keep him alive that made a major difference. It’s certainly a reminder that we can all do our part to help our fellow creatures.

You never know what a difference even the smallest gesture can make!

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