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Amazon Prime Day disaster: 16 People who may never get over it

Amazon Prime Day, despite the major hype leading up to the blowout sale, appears to be largely underwhelming customers.

Amazon has touted its “Prime Day” sale by saying customers could expect better deals than on Black Friday. But based on the hilarious reactions on social media, Amazon’s 20th birthday sale appears to be a big, fat, bust.

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Plenty of customers are accusing Amazon of using the sale to clear out its warehouse of some of the most obscure and useless items

There were plenty of complaints of the best stuff selling out really quickly

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And ridiculously long waitlists

At least most customers were able to keep their sense of humor pretty much intact

The retailer has also been plagued by technical difficulties all morning

Amazon is going to have to do some serious damage control to hold onto its customers after this Prime Day fail

We’ll see if they can fix the damage

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