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Ask a Raging Feminist: Where would you go if money was no object?

Any good raging feminist knows about self-care. The need to slow down and take care of yourself so you’re better able to fight the good fight against the patriarchy without burning out. We were curious — if finances and reality weren’t issues, where would our favorite raging feminists go for the ultimate in self-care?

Today’s question: What would be your dream vacation?

Oh come on, I’m a Raging Feminist! The Isle of Lesbos, obvs.” — Alex Blank Millard

Greece. Athens. Driver and translator. Expense budget. Vanity Fair print assignment of 3,000 words on the people’s struggle against austerity. …What’s a vacation?” — Margaret Corvid

My dream vacation would be to spend a fortnight in Iceland. Well, specially to Bjork’s house, where we would discuss all the things, but specifically where she found that magic glowing vagina dress that she wore for her latest album cover.” — Lyndsay Kirkham

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My dream vacation would be anywhere as long as I was not greeted with signs of gender inequality. I was just at the World Cup to cheer on Team USA in the finals and was so sad to see that the fan zone was one measly parking lot. There was only one stand outside the stadium for gear. No visible signs around Vancouver that the best soccer players in the world were about to battle each other. It really took the high off of watching Carli Lloyd kick some major ass.” — Veronica Arreola

I guess my dream vacay is a big house on the beach — all my favorite parent friends and their kids. The house is big enough, and the kids are old enough, so we can send them to their own little part — and the grown-ups can spend after bedtime pretending we aren’t grown-ups. We just stroll down to the beach during the day, and we cook big dinners. And there’s a lot of Cards against Humanity played… when the kids are in bed.” — Tara Jean Bernier

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A day without getting mansplained on Twitter. Kidding! That’ll never happen. My dream vacation is a few weeks in a rustic cabin where I can think, cook, shop at a tiny grocery store and write uninterrupted by the constant barrage of stories and internet comments that seek to delegitimize my experiences, feelings and self.” — Hanna Brooks Olsen

It involves an international flight, a month of vacation time and my girlfriend and I tuning out of the world to drift through countries we have never seen or even thought of visiting. There is a lot of sleeping in involved. And purchasing of last-minute plane tickets.” — Seraphina Ferraro

I don’t care where I go, I just wish I could travel anywhere I want, whenever I want and stay in any hotel without worrying one bit about money. It doesn’t even have to be a luxurious destination or luxury hotels and restaurants, I just don’t want to worry about a budget or time constraints!” — Patricia Valoy

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A cabin in the woods with wifi and a big kitchen with a stocked fridge. And a cabin a few cabins down with my children and someone to take care of them so I can see them when I miss them but not be responsible. Oh, all the writing and reading I would do!” — Robin Marty

When I close my eyes, I am sipping a MaleTears Coolatta — vanilla flavored — while basking in the sun on sandy Misandry Beach. My two bikini-clad feminist besties are at my side as we alternate between pleasure reading and plotting to take down the patriarchy.” — Katie Klabusich

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