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‘Strobing’ is the new, easier way to contour

If you find yourself still struggling to become a Jedi master in the cosmetic art of contouring, we’ve discovered an alternative method. I myself have only begun to dabble in contouring in an attempt to make my nose appear more angular. However, the technique can oftentimes look a bit severe. Luckily there is a new method of contouring that has recently made its way across Instagram feeds and onto the faces of celebs like Kim Kardashian that is not only easier to grasp but that also resembles a more natural glow.

This new technique is called “strobing,” and while its concept might not be relatively new, the name for it sure is, not to mention all the hype surrounding it. If the turn of phrase almost instantly reminded you of those obnoxiously long and blinding dance club lights, we’re on the same page. The two, however, are in fact similar. Strobing is basically an alternative cosmetic illumination technique for your skin, only unlike rager lights, you’ll be using makeup fit for your skin tone and (hopefully) setting aside any neon colors that may be rolling around in your makeup bag. Though if that’s what you’re into, be my guest.

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Now that we have defined “strobing,” let’s talk about how it works. The first step is to narrow down your highlighter of choice. I personally recommend a cream highlighter to start, just so you have a bit more control over blending the first few times around than you would with a powder. Once you’ve chosen your tool, it’s time to put it to work.
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Apply highlighter to your cheekbones, bridge of your nose and Cupid’s bow. If you’re feeling fancy or prefer to glow from all corners of your face, add a little highlighter to your temples and chin as well.
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Strobing is overall the perfect go-to for those looking to achieve the natural look. The key is to remember that in this case, less really is more. So if you prefer to keep the cosmetics casual during your nine-to-five on weekdays or plan to spend the weekend particularly low-key, then strobing, unlike contouring, provides a slight shimmer to your skin so you’ll look fab without the unnecessary cosmetic layers.

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