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M&S in hot water after their bizarre teabag policy goes public

A complaint on Marks and Spencer’s Facebook page has gone viral, with a nation of tea drinkers up in arms about the Blanchardstown store’s refusal to provide an elderly couple with a second teabag.

According to Dubliner Marie Byrne, her parents had requested a second teabag because their tea in the store’s cafe was too weak, but were told that if they wanted one they would have to pay for an additional pot of tea.

The story was picked up by the Irish Mirror and soon went viral, because second to their love of tea is the British public’s love of complaining (some might say).

Since Marie’s Facebook rant was posted on July 10, it has been liked and shared by thousands of people. The vast majority of comments on the post agree that the controversial “teabag policy” is “outrageous”, “petty” and “unprofessional”.

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Marks and Spencer were quick to respond, telling Marie that the situation would be dealt with (free tea for life for her parents, perhaps?) and elaborating further on the strict policy. A customer service rep called Chris posted: “This is one of our policies in our cafes, however we expect our staff to be flexible where possible. I’m really sorry you’re unhappy with the service your parents received and please be assured your comments and feedback will be passed on to the Café Manager.”

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