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Kitten adorably copies her mom’s every move (VIDEO)

It turns out, watching a 25-day-old kitten learn how to keep itself clean actually makes for pretty riveting viewing.


Watching the kitten put her little paws up to try and emulate her momma has put a decidedly cute spin on my day. Beyond all that cuteness, my favorite thing about this video is how much it mirrors human life.

Just like all moms, the cat parent here realized that her child was doing a not-so-great job of cleaning and decided the only way to get the job done properly was to do it herself.

And, as with all babies lacking in the attention span department, the kitten got pretty bored with the cleaning thing and took off to see what else was going on. Can’t say I blame her — I love it when things are clean, but I quickly lose interest when I’m the one who has to do the cleaning.

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