13 Cute cats with even cuter look-alike kittens

Just in case you needed an excuse to fawn over cute cats on the internet, here’s a good one: These kittens look exactly like their parents.

Well, almost.

1. They’re smaller

Tri-colored cats

Image: Imgur

2. But just as adorable

cats looking up

Image: Imgur

3. And as grumpy

cats under a car

Image: Imgur

4. Maybe not exactly as grumpy

cats on a chair

Image: Imgur

5. But they even pose the same way

black cats

Image: Imgur

6. Still posing

cats with bleach

Image: Imgur

7. More posing

cats on carpet

Image: Imgur

8. And they nap the same way

bellies up

Image: Imgur

9. And they’re just as curious

cats in the kitchen

Image: Imgur

10. Well, some might be more curious

cats in the bathroom

Image: Imgur

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11. But they’re just as cute

black and white cats

Image: Imgur

12. Okay, maybe cuter

cats with a shopping cart

Image: Imgur

13. But still really great at being mini-mes

white cats

Image: Imgur

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