National Friendship Day Is the Perfect Opportunity to Celebrate Your Bestie

It sounds like we’re being all dramatic, but the hand-to-God truth is we really wouldn’t be able to survive one single day without our best friends. And even though we sometimes take them for granted, deep down in our hearts, we know how important they are. They’re the family we choose after all, right?

In honor of National Friendship Day this Sunday, here are 15 reasons why we’re so glad to have our kick-ass friends in our lives.

1. You always, always have a drinking buddy… and someone to tell you when it’s time to close out your tab.

2. A friend is someone you can lean on… again and again and again.

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3. A (best) friend is the one you can be your true self with… like you’re 7th grade, awkward true self.

4. A true friend will never care how many selfies you need to take to find the perfect one…or the amount of filters you’ll use to perfect it.

5. A friend can always make you smile… and laugh until you ugly cry…

6. And give you a hug when you’re shedding true-blue tears.

7. BFF’s always put you first… even if it’s in the midst of a super hot date.

8. A friend has your back during a breakup…

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9. And your veil during your wedding…

10. And is automatically your baby’s designated “auntie.”

11. A friend will even love other members of your family… even when you don’t.

12. Friends understand your worth… and aren’t afraid to remind you of it…

13. Or be silent when you need it the most.

14. A best friend is your person, she gets you.

So, go give your friends the best hug you have—they deserve it.


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