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Printable temporary tattoos that make summer style so much better

Some of the most delightful elements of the summer season for me are the glorious lingering days, the warm glowing sun and the way everything in my closet looks instantly better with sun-kissed skin! Celebrate summer and accessorize your warm weather wardrobe with these summer-inspired temporary tattoos that you can print at home!

Printable Temporary Tattoos


Printable Temporary Tattoos: Materials


Step 1:

Printable Temporary Tattoos: Step 1 print

Print out the temporary tattoo PDF on the glossy side of the printable tattoo paper. Use your printer’s photo paper setting, if available. The tattoo words will read backwards.

Step 2:

Printable Temporary Tattoos: Step 2 peel backing

Peel the light turquoise backing off the clear adhesive sheet that is included with the printable tattoo paper, and place the clear adhesive sheet over top of the printed tattoos, so all edges line up. Smooth out and press down the adhesive sheet onto the printed tattoo sheet.

Step 3:

Printable Temporary Tattoos: Step 3 cut

Cut out the tattoos so each has an 1/8-inch (or smaller!) white border.

Step 4: 

Printable Temporary Tattoos: Step 4 Placement

Peel back the clear plastic layer exposing the adhesive, and place the tattoos face down in your desired area.

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Step 5:

Printable Temporary Tattoos: Step 5 Apply

Apply a damp cloth to the tattoo for roughly 10-15 seconds, taking care to entirely cover the tattoo, including all edges.

Step 6:

Printable Temporary Tattoos: Step 6 finish

After 10-15 seconds, the white paper backing should easily slide off, and you’ll be left with a crisp, clean temporary tattoo that will last for a few days!

Step 7:

Temporary tattoo: finished


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