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How to nail the ‘strobing’ contour trend in 6 steps

Highlighting and contouring, baking and cooking concealer and now strobing? Just when you think you have one makeup technique mastered, another trend comes along and back to your makeup bag you go!

But no need to worry — strobing is an easy, flattering technique that only requires one product and is even being call the new “anti-contouring.” Essentially, strobing is just another word for using a healthy amount of either a liquid or powder highlighter to shape and emphasize certain features of the face. Highlighter products reflect light, bringing the features where you apply them to come forward and stand out.

Strobing tutorial pinterest

It creates a glowing, dewy appearance and the fact that you can skip the heavy contour simply by focusing more on the highlighting is a win in itself. Now let’s get to strobing!

1. Highlight cheek bones

Strobing 1

First, choose a finely-milled powder highlighter like TheBalm’s Mary Lou-Manizer. Using a small, tapered brush, sweep the highlighter along the tops of your cheekbones, curving upwards around the eye area if you’d like.

2. Highlight above the brow

Strobing 2

Now, dab some highlighter above the highest point of your brow. This will visually draw the eyes upwards and give your face a lifted appearance.

3. Highlight brow bone

Strobing 3

Using your finger, add a bit to your brow bone.

4. Highlight cupid’s bow

Strobing 4

Sweep your brush lightly above your top lip, highlighting the cupid’s bow. This accentuates your lip shape, creating the illusion of fullness.

5. Elongate nose

Strobing 5

To create the appearance of a slimmer, straighter nose, apply a thin line of highlighter down the center and a pop on the tip.

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6. Highlight chin and forehead (optional)

Strobing 6

You can also apply a bit to the center of your chin and forehead.

Easy as that! You’ve been strobed!

One of the best things about this technique is that it’s flattering in any lighting environment. Since your highlighter reflects light, it will adapt to any lighting situation you find yourself in.

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