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Kitten catches sight of himself in the mirror, freaks out (VIDEO)

So here’s a fun question to ponder while watching this video: Do you think the kitten has figured out it’s him in the mirror, or does he think it’s another of his kind?


Anybody got any answers to my question yet?

While you all go about doing your duty and enlightening me with your thoughts, let’s discuss some things that aren’t up for debate. Firstly, this kitten is super-cute and his terrified response to what he sees in the mirror makes him even cuter.

Secondly, while all this truth-telling is happening, this might be a good time to admit that there have been occasions where I have caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and have also run away. Such moments have typically been restricted to times of sickness and times of that other less-legitimate type of sickness (you know, the one that comes on when you’ve had too many wines the night before?).

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