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5 Tools that make Netflix binge-watching even more glorious

Admit it, you’re at least a little guilty of consuming too much Netflix. If you’re nodding your head to agree with this statement, have no shame! Your strange addiction to this fantastic streaming app is perfectly acceptable thanks to the fact that you are definitely not alone! Netflix has taken the millennial population by storm with its incredible selection of movies, shows and miniseries.

If you’re going to be heavily involved with this service to get your fix of OITNB anyway, why not make the whole experience even better? Check out these five tools every committed Netflix lover needs to have her life.

Warning: These might make you fall even deeper in love with the awesomeness that is online streaming.

1. Netflix Roulette

Ever get sick of picking your next series or movie? Wish someone would just do it for you? Throw caution to the wind and let Netflix Roulette do it for you! This app lets you pick your favorite directors, actors, and/or keywords to filter a random search for awesome Netflix content. You can choose to get suggestions for new movies or a new series based on how you filter your search.

2. Which TV Series Should I Watch Next?

Woah, maybe you’re not into filling out all the filter options necessary for Netflix Roulette. You’re still looking for some simple guidance to find a new TV series to watch though. “Which TV Series Should I Watch Next?” is an excellent happy medium. It offers suggestions based on your three favorites series to help you find your next Netflix gem.

3. Can I Stream It?

You’re super excited to stream a new movie or show, but countless Netflix searches are drawing a blank for it. That’s when it’s time to see if you can stream this piece of visual content gold anywhere on the web. The “Can I Stream It?” tool allows you to search all major streaming sites to find your movie or show. This way you can plan for a solid backup in the rare occasion that Netflix fails you.

4. Nu for Netflix

Contrary to popular belief, Netflix’s “new releases” queue isn’t refreshed each time a new show or movie enters the database. Nu for Netflix provides a full feed of new releases every day to help you find new movies and shows in your favorite genre the day they’re released. You can also search different regions to see what’s new across the globe if you’re into taking your Netflix abroad.

5. NetFlix App (Of Course!)

Yes, this is an obvious addition to the list. However, if you haven’t downloaded it yet because you’re not planning to watch from your phone or tablet, you may be overlooking an important detail. The app allows you to connect to your PlayStation console to control Netflix from your phone. Much easier, right? You can download the app for Droid, iOS and Windows.

Ready? Set? Start streaming!

Hopefully you’ll find that these tools are everything you need to progress on your journey to becoming a full-fledged Netflixoholic. If not, let me and other readers know which tools and apps you would have added to the list in the comments below. Happy streaming!

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