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3-Year-old has priceless reaction as he gets his first parking ticket

A police officer in Halifax teaches a young driver the importance of obeying regulations.

Three-year-old Declan Tramley appears to be quite popular among local residents in his town. The toddler enjoys spending his downtime riding a toy motorcycle along the Halifax waterfront. Not only does it allow him to meet new people but also to mingle with fellow bikers. CTV News reports the boy has been known to throw on his leather jacket and cruise the scene alongside his parents. In some instances, Declan will park his hog next to other motorcycles, which has never gotten the young rider in trouble… until now.

“He parked his bike just as the other motorcycles would and walked away,” said Constable Shawn Currie. “We thought it would be funny if I went over and just pretended to write a parking ticket.”

The Halifax police officer issued Declan a no-parking zone citation that led to a funny image. As you can see, Declan was quite surprised to receive the parking ticket but has grown to love it. “He loves his ticket [now],” jokes Lisa Tramley, Declan’s mom. “He tried to go to bed with his ticket.”

Thanks to Declan’s dad — who shared the image with the Halifax Police Department — the ticket showdown has gone viral and received mostly positive responses. Tons of comments flooded the image on Twitter to poke fun at the situation.

“That’s my little cousin!” exclaimed L.A Bowden. “He’s the cutest and thanks for going easy on him lol. You are the best police force in NS!”

“Hey, that’s the guy who cut me off last week,” joked Cathi Stevenson. “Glad you caught him.”

“I’m sorry sir, do I detect Juice box on your breath?” questioned J. Lawrence.

Random moments like this are very heartwarming to see given how much sadness and negativity crowds the news — especially when it comes to police interactions with civilians. “It’s nice to show the different sides of police,” says Constable Currie. “We’re not always making arrests and hauling people away… We like to have fun.”

One can only imagine how the little star is handling all his fame. Let’s just hope he keeps the same enthusiasm if and when he gets his first real ticket from the police.

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