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Dad becomes last-minute flower girl after daughter gets cold feet (VIDEO)

This adorable wedding video earned the America’s Funniest Home Videos stamp of approval.

A wedding day is definitely special but not always perfect. There’s always something that doesn’t go according to plan. Those who wish to include little children in their ceremony program unfortunately know this all too well.

You have to learn to laugh and let it go.

A father and his daughter are capturing hearts with a one-minute video that continues to explode online. The beginning of the footage shows a bridesmaid enter a church and make her way to the altar. With all eyes on the door, guests watch as a dad starts to escort his little girl down the aisle.

There’s just one problem.

She doesn’t want to go.
The America’s Funniest Home Videos-approved clip shows the situation go from a subtle hesitation to a full-on refusal to cooperate. At one point, the father is able to make it halfway down the aisle with his daughter and helps her scatter flower petals. Shortly after — and much to our amusement — the young flower girl throws herself on the ground, shouting, “No, Daddy! I don’t want to!” In response, the father picks up his daughter and proceeds to distribute the petals himself.

Way to go, Dad!

Now, some might look at this video and have criticism for the little girl. At the end of the day, you have to remember she is in fact a little girl. Small children have very short attention spans, making it hard at times to cooperate. Brides-to-be who consider these angelic faces as ceremony participants should know videos like this are a common reality. At least this one made for a cute memory considering the father stepped in as a last-minute flower girl substitution. Kudos to him for recognizing things weren’t getting any better and making a snap judgment. Some parents allow their kids to kick and scream without intervention.

There are a few ways to prepare young children for bridal party duties. Outside of bribery (there’s nothing wrong with stashing a few pieces of candy at the bottom of a flower basket to make things go faster), reiterate how important they are to the wedding. Parents can also stand at the end of the aisle so their little ones can feel more comfortable. No matter what you do to try to prevent a meltdown, remember, practice makes perfect. Rehearse at home and at the wedding ceremony if possible.

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