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Turn a boring mouse pad into an adorable cat mouse pad with fabric

I’ve been meaning to replace my computer desktop mouse pad; it is much bigger than I wish it was and (the biggie!) it’s plain boring… zzzzz. A snoozer-fest.

However, instead of going out to buy in person or search online for a design I liked, I decided to make my own design by cutting the old mouse pad into a cute shape then adding a happy colorful fabric. Mission accomplished. I converted my old boring mouse pad into an adorable colorful cat-shaped design.

Mouse Pad

Why a cat face shape? Well, first there is the irony of a mouse pad being turned into a cat face. Then there’s my real inspiration, this little fellow whose “helping” is not always productive, but I don’t have the heart to fire him. He turns 11 weeks old this week.

Mouse Pad


  1. Old mouse pad
  2. Scissors
  3. Marker/pen (to trace design outline)
  4. Mod Podge glue
  5. Fabric (that makes your heart smile!)
  6. (Optional) Draw the cat design yourself or use my cat template here

Mouse Pad


  1. Draw the cat face shape design on your old mouse pad (or use the template outline).
  2. Cut around the outline of the cat face outline.
  3. Trace the fabric cat design.
  4. Cut the fabric cat design.
  5. Apply glue to the top of the mouse pad then place the fabric on top and apply glue to the top of the fabric. Use Mod Podge glue to seal the fabric onto the mouse pad and waterproof it.
  6. Let it dry (about 2 hours).

Mouse Pad

Mouse Pad

Extra tips:

  • Cut your fabric with fabric scissors to avoid having the fabric edge fray away (which can be quite annoying). Some fabrics fray, others do not.
  • If you do not have fabric scissors, then add extra Mod Podge to the edges of the cat face mouse pad and add Elmer’s glue around the edge or use Fray Block adhesive. Easy breezy.
  • The fabric that I wanted to use was very thin so I simply doubled up on the fabric. Aim to choose a thick fabric or double up as I did.
  • No need to run out to hunt down fabric. You can if you want. Try the thrift store for some great economical leftover fabrics or shop in your closet. Are there any old shirts, skirts, scarves or shorts that you have been planning on getting rid of (because it has a stain or hole, etc.)? Well now you can turn the fabrics into a lovely mouse pad… that you awesomely created!

Mouse Pad

Oh, and creating a cute-shaped fabric mouse pad definitely gives you props to go around declaring “yeah baby, I made this pretty cat mouse pad from my ooooold mouse pad.”

So here’s my question to you: is your current mouse pad boring? Go ahead, look at yours now. If you are not at your desk then try to remember how it looks. If you can’t remember, then it’s 100 percent boring. You now have no excuses especially when this DIY project takes less than 10 minutes to do! (not counting the drying time and gathering the materials). Go ahead, grab those scissors (you know you want to!) and create a unique fun design for you or simply mosey on over to grab my cat face design template for free.

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