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Baby ducks rescued by wonderful firefighters (VIDEO)

A few firefighters in Slovakia took time in the midst of their busy day to save several baby ducklings that got separated from their mother after falling into a canal.

A Slovakian man was driving when he saw the mother duck by the side of the road. When he stopped, he saw that several of her ducklings had fallen and were stuck in the canal drain. He called the firefighters, who immediately came and stopped traffic to save the poor little ducks.

The mother duck was clearly distressed, running back and forth quacking with only one of her precious ducklings in tow. The men pulled six scared little ducks out of the drain one by one, returning them to their worried mama before taking them all safely back to the pond as a fam.

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Perhaps the cutest part of the video is seeing the lengths to which the firefighters went to fish the little ducklings out of the drain. This just goes to show no rescue isn’t worth the effort. I’m sure these duckies’ mother would give the Slovakian fire department a big “thank you” if she could.

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