Grizzly bear shatters glass zoo enclosure with 50-pound rock (VIDEO)

Minnesota Zoo visitors were probably expecting a run-of-the-mill visit when they arrived on Monday morning. But 800-pound Alaskan grizzly bear Kenai had a little something up his sleeve when he threw a basketball-size rock at a floor-to-ceiling glass enclosure at the zoo.

He’s got quite the arm on him, because after three blows, he shattered one of the pane’s five layers. Fortunately the pane shattered like a windshield, keeping the 2.5-inch-thick glass pane in place. The zoo’s animal collection manager, Tony Fisher, said, “It [the glass] did what it was supposed to do. The public was never in any danger. He was just playing with a rock.”

Even though Fisher claimed the bear was being playful rather than aggressive, the whole incident is still pretty concerning. Imagine you’re at the zoo on a beautiful morning with your kids, excited to watch animals frolick around and to take adorable Instagrammable selfies with giraffes and bears in the background. I don’t know about you, but I’d be pretty darn scared if one of them threw a rock and shattered the partition between us. The exhibit will be closed to the public until a temporary fix can be made, and any loose items in the area will be anchored down to prevent this from happening again in the future.

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