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Florida State quarterback arrested after punching woman at a bar (VIDEO)

The video you’re about to see contains disturbing content.

Police are still investigating events that led to a Florida State football player’s involvement in a physical altercation last month. Freshman De’Andre Johnson, 19, has since been released from the team, as he violated the athletic department’s policy. If convicted, he could face expulsion from the university.

The former quarterback hopeful has been charged with misdemeanor battery after surveillance footage surfaced showing the teen punching a woman at a bar. Court documents indicate the unnamed college student suffered bruises and cuts to her face. She told authorities Johnson grabbed and pushed her before she used her hands to defend herself. An affidavit mentions a witness hearing her yell “no” to the quarterback before he struck her.

De’Andre has a different account of what happened.

NBC News reports Johnson’s claims of being hit and kneed in the groin by the woman in the video before he retaliated. “It wasn’t until she struck him twice that he reacted,” said Jose Baez, Johnson’s attorney. “But he is very… He is very regretful that he didn’t turn around and walk away immediately.”

Jose Baez also happens to be the attorney who represented Casey Anthony during her murder trial that led to an acquittal.

The athlete also alleges the woman shouted derogatory racial comments at him when he first approached the bar. Legal counsel for De’Andre Johnson indicates the teen makes no excuses for his actions — and has now started volunteering at a battered women’s shelter.

Who honestly knows everything that happened leading up to this horrifying event? Regardless, Johnson should’ve walked away, as violence against women is never acceptable. All his future goals with the Florida State football team — and possibly the university — are now gone because of this very poor decision. More important, one can only hope he learns from this situation and gets the help he needs.

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