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Cats can’t be leash-trained and here’s the hilarious proof (VIDEO)

Finally, we have the answer to the question on everyone’s mind: What happens when you put a leash on a cat and ask it to act like a dog?

I’ve heard from more than a few cat owners that it’s possible to leash-train a cat. As a person who’s had a hard time leash-training my dogs, I’m skeptical. Starring in this hilarious viral video, Simon reacts exactly how I would expect any cat (or toddler) to react when put on a leash: He goes limp. All his bones turn to glue. His owner would be better off dragging a rock across the park than trying to leash this cat.

Simon is one smart kitty that will not submit to the leash. According to his owner, he prefers to be carried when taken on outside adventures. His furry companion, Wash, seems like he’s getting the hang of it, but Simon just refuses to dog.

Come to think of it, this video might answer another burning question that everyone wants to know: Which are better, cats or dogs? This video makes a compelling argument in favor of Team Cat. Cats are often rumored to be the more intelligent species because of their independence and cunning. Simon’s anti-leash antics are proof — cats are on to us. They’re too smart to be tamed.

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