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Golden retriever puppy’s snack willpower is unbelievable (VIDEO)

Here’s something really important you need to know about golden retriever puppies: Not only are they the sweetest sandy-haired pups out there, but they may also be the easiest to train, if this viral video is any proof.

In this 39-second video, we meet 9-week-old Peanut, an adorable golden retriever puppy that just wants a treat. Peanut’s devious loving owners have decided to put her to the test: Can she resist the delicious, delicious kibbles placed on her paw, or will she succumb to temptation?

I’m not a dog, but I can totally identify with this Sophie’s Choice moment Peanut is having. (Replace kibbles with sea salt dark chocolate, and you have my typical Friday night.) Should Peanut eat the tantalizing treats within mouth’s reach and risk punishment, or should she trust that her owners will reward her for her obedience? Spoiler alert: Peanut makes the right decision and goes with door number two. Based on the cute factor alone, this patient puppy deserves an extra treat.

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