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‘Brows on fleek’ are just another thing for women to worry about not having

Eyebrows were never something I paid attention to when I first began to care about my appearance. Makeup had three places to go on my face — my eyes, my cheeks and my lips. Once those three regions were covered, I thought I was good to go. Nowadays, that carelessness just does not fly. Neglecting eyebrows in your makeup routine apparently means missing a crucial step, and people do not take this lightly.

I’m not sure when and why eyebrows became such a big deal, but the obsession to have “brows on fleek” has gotten way out of control. People across social media are turning their attention to eyebrows, and, whether that’s praising their celeb eyebrow crushes or sharing their own perfected arches, no makeup look is complete without a shaped, filled and shadowed brow to top it off.

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People aren’t just talking about the perfect brows; they are going to extreme lengths to get them. Gone are the days when a simple tweeze and penciling would do. Now, you can get eyebrow extensions, tattoos, falsies, tinting and threading on top of traditional shaping.

To me, it seems that eyebrows are now just another thing for women to obsess about and criticize each other on. If having filled-in eyebrows improves your confidence, go for it. But if you’d rather not have another grooming duty to stress about, don’t fall into the hype. As long as you have eyebrows, you’re probably doing just fine. Better to work some natural brows than to get carried away and overly critical.

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