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Country star Tim McGraw is giving veterans a crazy-generous ‘thank-you’

Tim McGraw is a country hunk with a conscience and a heart the size of Texas.

He’s always out there pitching in for a good cause. Now he has teamed up with Operation Homefront and Chase Bank to give away nearly 40 mortgage-free homes to veterans.

McGraw has already doled out six houses and plans to give away another 30 over the course of his remaining Shotgun Rider 2015 tour dates. Each stop on the tour means a veteran and their family get a newly renovated, mortgage-free home in their area. This isn’t anything new. McGraw has already given out more than 100 homes to U.S. veterans on previous tours.

“These are people that have given us security for a lot of years,” McGraw says about the project. “It feels good to give back to them in some small way.”

McGraw’s sister is a veteran, but he stresses that you don’t need to know a veteran personally to feel a connection to their sacrifice.

“I don’t think you can live in this country and not have a personal connection with people that put their lives on the line,” he adds. “It’s not about whether you agree with the policy or not.”

So what can the rest of us who don’t have a partnership with Chase and a foundation do? How can we make an impact on the veterans around us every day?

McGraw suggests we do something simple — give the veterans you meet a simple thank-you and a pat on the back.

“If somebody pats somebody on the back, that always feels good,” McGraw said.

So as we approach Independence Day, remember the vets in your life, and when you meet a new one, thank them and give them a heartfelt pat on the back. Then tell them to contact Tim McGraw and figure out how to get a free house.

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